This Nissan GT-R is Operated by a Gaming Controller!

We have some very exciting news and some heart-racing footage that we'd like to share with our customer at Marc Motors Nissan. Just a couple days ago, the highly regarded Nissan brand did something that has never been done before in the automotive industry. Before we dive in and discuss, we would first like to show you exactly what we are talking about prior to your reading about it. Take a look at the cool clip below!

One man, one Nissan GT-R and one helicopter: this truly is racing of the likes of which we have never seen before. The special GT-R model that you saw in that Instagram video above was designed and engineered to be driven remotely by a DualShock®4 controller. That is right: the very same controller that you use to play your PS4 was used to control the fast and furious Nissan GT-R performance-oriented sports car on a legendary race track!

With a top speed of up to 196 mph, we think that simply driving this car remotely with a PS4 controller will get your adrenaline pumping. Through the use the latest technology, state-of-art robots and advanced computers throughout the vehicle, this special GT-R drives like a dream with no one inside the cabin.

Why did Nissan do this? To mark the 20 years that the automaker has been involved with Gran Turismo and also to celebrate the release of the Gran Turismo Sport game series!

While we cannot offer you the chance to test drive this remote-controlled GT-R model, we can in fact offer you the chance to test drive your favorite new Nissan model right here at our dealership in Sanford!

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