It seems crazy but the future that we’ve seen in movies like Blade Runner and I, Robot might be closer than you think. While we won’t be driving fully autonomous cars any time soon, Nissan is planning for that very future as they introduced yet another concept vehicle called the IMs, an “elevated sports sedan” that joins the recent IDs and IMx models.

The IMs might seem large for a sedan, but it’s given an electric power train with dual motors in the front and back of the car for high-performance all-wheel drive as well as a fast charging 115 kWh battery. Altogether the IMs can output 483 horsepower and 590 pounds-foot of torque, cementing its place as in the sports sedan market.

A sleek and futuristic design also takes center stage on the Nissan IMs in both the exterior and interior. It keeps things simple on the outside by using horizontal and vertical lines rather than sculpted surfaces and provides a luxurious interior that will pamper even the most jaded of high-end car owners.

What’s most interesting inside the vehicle is what Nissan is calling the “2+1+2” seating architecture. Two people sit in the front, including the driver’s seat, but the back seat can either sit three with all three seats folded up, or can completely transform into a single executive “Premier seat” by folding down the two seats on either side.

Everything about the Nissan IMs is developed from the company’s current Nissan Intelligent Mobility technology that can be found in models like the 2019 Nissan Altima and the 2019 Nissan Titan. Drivers near Saco, Wells, and Portland ME can get their hands on a glimpse of the future by test driving any one of Nissan’s 2019 models today at Marc Motors Nissan. When it comes to navigating the roads around Somersworth and Portsmouth NH, you’ll be glad that you have Nissan Intelligent Mobility at your side.

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