A Nissan Frontier, Titan, and Rogue Sport all look tough and ready for the winter in Sanford, ME. But are they, though? Here's some news for Nissan owners, no matter what model you drive, about the vehicle benefits from being up-to-date on routine maintenance before the winter arrives. Cold weather and inclement conditions won't be good for your Maxima, Sentra, Pathfinder, or other Nissan vehicles.

How do you take the steps necessary for winter care? Marc Motors Nissan could help provide the necessary service and solutions. We also offer specials and deals on winter service. Keep checking the website for more details and updates.

Winter & All-Around Care

Winter weather could make things difficult for car, truck, and SUV owners in Rochester, NH, but caring for a Nissan becomes important throughout the year. Winter might make staying on top of care even more essential. Suffering a dead battery or, worse, discovering the engine block cracked won't contribute to a cheerful winter season. Saco drivers may wish to review their Nissan's owner's manual and get caught up on routine service.

Oil changes, belt replacements, brake inspections, transmission fluid changes, wheel alignments, and other services all help keep a Nissan in decent shape.

Added Care for the Winter

During the winter in Portland, ME, drivers might find some weather-specific steps could making navigating the cold weather and harsh road conditions somewhat more tolerable. Putting fresh oils with a winter-appropriate viscosity level could help. And why not replace the old windshield wipers with new winter ones. Winter wipers could be better suited for clearing ice and snow.

Winter tires come with a design intended for delivering better traction. Switching to winter tires seems beneficial in areas known for heavy snow. If there ever was a time to replace the old, overdue coolant, winter might be it. And have you checked the battery lately?

Schedule an Appointment for Winter Service

Our Sanford, ME, service center wants to assist Nissan owners with winter care. Call to schedule an appointment before the temperature drops further near your home in Portsmouth, NH.

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