As an elder statesman of the Nissan lineup, the Nissan Sentra has learned to adapt to its climate. The 2020 version of the classic Nissan sedan gets a fresh new look and brand-new features to discover as you wander around Portland, ME and Portsmouth, NH. This isn't the Nissan Sentra you grew up with. This is so much more. When you see it, you will want to rush out to Sanford, ME, and see it for yourself at Marc Motors. And we wouldn't blame you.

Nissan was committed to bringing the 2020 Nissan Sentra into the next generation and worked tirelessly to update it so it can compete with its peers in the compact car rankings. Marc Motors wanted to see how successful they were. So we decided to match it up head-to-head against one of the leaders of the pack, the Toyota Corolla.

Before they even sit in the redesigned Nissan Sentra, Rochester, NH will notice is the bold new look and features on the exterior. It is also substantially longer. Which makes it larger than the Toyota Corolla. This translates to a more enjoyable driving experience. But shouldn't be the only thing to determine which compact sedan is best for your needs. Marc Motors also considers the infotainment and interior technology geared to enhance your drive around Saco.

There are some features, like smartphone integration and available navigation, that are available in both the 2020 Nissan Sentra and Toyota Corolla. But other features make the Sentra a great option for your morning commute. When it comes to power and performance, one sedan has a clear advantage. For that, you have to check out the Marc Motors comparison.

How do you find the compact sedan that fits your personality and style? Your first step should be comparing a model to its peers. Read about the 2020 Nissan Sentra and its exceptional features, and learn how it matches up against the Toyota Corolla. You'll soon find yourself heading to Sanford to pick up your new Nissan Sentra.

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