For any kind of vehicle used around Rochester, NH or Saco, ME, being prepared for the worst kinds of winter weather is paramount for driving safely. That's why if you're in the market right now, we present a wealth of new 2021 Nissan models with all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive, and whether it's a nicely equipped sedan, any style of SUV or one of our impressive trucks, you'll love what these capabilities bring to your travels. Learn about the difference between AWD and a 4x4 system, and visit our Sanford, ME Nissan dealership to find the right kind of car, truck or SUV that's safe to drive through the toughest winter weather.

Even if you're dreaming of warmer days this spring and summer, the right kind of new Nissan with a 4x4 setup can be of great use. Many versions of the new Nissan Titan and Frontier, our pair of trucks, include high-end 4x4 capabilities which you can turn on or off, and select for different road surfaces and through different weather. All-wheel drive is a bit different than 4x4, as all four wheels in your equipped Rogue, Murano, Altima or other Nissan are powered at the same time. With either setup, you'll improve the sense of traction and control on any kind of surface, which is especially important when the roads around Sanford and Portland get slick with rain, ice or snow.

While it's expected out of most SUVs to have AWD or a 4x4 system, Nissan makes a few of its smaller cars available with this functionality. Some versions of the Altima provide an AWD setup, helping you blend efficient driving with all around traction and control. Reach out today and learn what models are available with AWD or a 4x4 system, and we'll be happy to match you up with the perfect fit.

The perfect AWD- or 4x4-capable vehicle is waiting for you here at Marc Motors Nissan in Sanford, so reach out today or visit to find what you're looking for.

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