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Marc Motors Brings Power and Performance With New Nissan Trucks

We here at Marc Motors have various new Nissan Truck options available to our driving community based on specifics that they are prioritizing. Whether drivers are interested in fuel economy, performance, and handling or zippier, peppier engine options, we believe that we have a truck to satisfy your needs and wants.

Rochester, NH Drivers particularly interested in modern safety innovations and some incredible safety benefits will be drawn to our new Nissan Titan models. The Nissan Titan is a full-size pickup truck boasting an impressive 5.6-liter V8 engine that outputs 400 horsepower. It offers drivers 413 pound-feet of torque, meaning that drivers can make the most out of its power, stability, and control as the Titan also has a suspension system that soaks up most of the imperfections on the road.

There is a multitude of standard safety features provided by the new Nissan Titan models to keep Saco drivers safe. This includes a rearview camera and forward collision warning systems to better improve visibility around the truck, lane departure warning, and blind-spot monitoring systems to better improve control on the road and an automatic emergency braking system to ensure that even when road conditions are uncertain, both the driver and passengers remain safe.

The new Nissan Frontier models are also quite safe but also provide Dover, NH drivers with a towing capacity of around 6,700 pounds as well as exceptional agility on the road due to its exceptional suspension system and maneuverability body design. Furthermore, drivers can opt for engine options and powertrain configurations that provide even better handling and performance if that catches their interest.

Specific trim levels are better for specific tasks, such as off-road driving or frequently driving through seasonal road conditions. Our new Nissan truck inventory is mainly concerned with providing drivers with the control and ability they need to get the job done. Whether this means towing various payloads or driving leisurely through the area, we know that our Nissans in Sanford, ME, will be beneficial.

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